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Welcome to the UofL Math Club website! The Math Club is a casual organization of UofL students and faculty who enjoy discussing and learning math recreationally. All interested students and faculty are welcome to join and discuss.
Here on this site you will find an event calendar for our future meetings (subject to future update), a "blog" about our meetings with interesting links, and a list of member names and e-mails. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our officers!

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Fourth Meeting 2/13

Love was in the air as Adam discussed an optimal strategy for dating! First we discussed the "stable marriage problem" about how to make a pairing of people that made the most people possible happy and the rest just had to cut their losses. Kurt found that our "happiness meter" reflected "market failures" in stable pairings (when people's own goals lead to less overall happiness); an interesting economics connection.

Next we discussed the "Secretary Problem" wherein one hopes to find the ideal life partner amongst a host of potentials. It may be a little heartless to compute dating outlook this way in the real world, but the problem is still interesting! Links below to the problems; maybe I should make a link to OkCupid for those for whom these algorithms don't work out...

Secretary Problem
Stable Marriage

Third Meeting 2/6

We discussed the sometimes strange world of "generating functions" which are a powerful tool in Combinatorics and Recurrance relations. It feels like we are using black magic when we manipulate these infinite series, but hey, convergence is for the birds right?! Adam walked us through finding the generating function for the Fibonacci numbers, and at the end we had a nice-looking infinite-series-sum for computing them!

Second Meeting 1/30

We kicked off the semester proper with a great talk by Matty Hawthorn about the highly mathematical nature of musical tuning systems. The talk covered the algebra and number theory behind finding the ideal separation of the octave into different tones. Matt has been nice enough to provide us with a copy of the paper; here is a link below. Within the paper Matt included many other resources for those interested in further reading, so be sure to check it out!

The Unexpected Number Theory and Alegebra of Musical Tuning Systems

First Meeting 1/23

In our first meeting we just discussed rough plans for the coming semester as well as the potential for a new meeting time.

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