Fall 2014 Semester Meetings

Sixth Meeting 12/5

Given the Putnam exam the following day, we concluded this semester with a meeting dedicated to solving Putnam practice problems. We successfully solved two problems and "essentially" solved a third. Below are links to documents containing the two solved problems and their solutions as developed by the Math Club

Fifth Meeting 11/21

Two small presentations were done, one by Adam and one by Taylor. Adam discussed the famous "Four Color Theorem" and the controversial nature of its proof "by computer."
Taylor talked about the "Platonic Solids", the five regular convex polyhedra that were once considered fundamental to the make-up of the universe.

Fourth Meeting 11/14

Dr. Larson gave a nice talk about the harmonic and alternating harmonic series, including discussion of Riemann's Rearrangement theorem and other results about simple rearrangments of series. Some people requested the slides from his presentation, and he has been nice enough to provide them. They can be found both on his personal website and at the link below.

A Tale of Two Series

Third Meeting 11/4

Monty Hall joined us in spectral form as we attempted (we made a valiant effort) to see the effects of switching doors in his famous game of chance. Thanks to Adam for providing the tasty prizes! If the experiement in the club did not quell your doubts, there is an interactive game on UC - San Diego's website where you can play the game. It records the results of everyone who has ever played and you can see the emperical evidence. Also provided are links to other materials related to the problem!

Second Meeting 10/24

Adam did a presentation on Euler's Identity, e = -1, specifically where it came from and how useful it is. After that, we played board games!

Euler's Identity

First Meeting 10/10

The first meeting was good; we introduced everyone and the Math Club. We then watched a few videos discussing various topics: